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May 4, 18

Sean Swain Calls for Campaign to Get His Communication Turned Back On

Anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is requesting a call-in campaign to get his communications turned back on. Info and script below.

I’m sending copies of this form-letter “call-out” to everybody I write. I’m hoping to generate 50 phone calls to each of the following numbers, where folks generally say what’s written below. So, feel free to call and to share this with anyone else who might call, in hopes that we can pressure the fascists to restore my communications…

Kevin O’Donnell Stanek, Asst. Chief Counsel to Governor Kasich: (614) 466- 3555;

State Representative Doug Green (614) 644-6034;

State Representative Hearcel F. Craig (614) 466-8010;

State Representative Greta Johnson (614) 466-6037. (Not on House Directory – 81st District is blank – I wonder if that’s she?)


General idea of what to say:

I’m calling to bring to your attention an illegal effort by prison officials to terrorize an Ohio prisoner. The prisoner, Sean Swain, is a model prisoner, a published writer and a radio personality on a globally-syndicated radio show. Because Sean exposed how prison employees who were directed by ODRC Counsel Trevor Clark intercepted and  stole Sean’s mail from courts  to hide their crimes, prison officials have shut down all of Sean’s communication to the outside world…to his family, his friends, and even to the courts. Prison officials are blocking Sean’s phone, email, and even regular mail. Their goal is not just to silence him, but to cut him off from everyone who loves him and drive him to suicide.

I want you to know that I’m signing an online petition that has 50,000 signatures already, demanding that the director of prisons resign, and I’m urging your office to make arrangements to speak with Sean. You can contact him by phone at  the prison by calling his Case Manager K. Baessler at: (513) 932-3388, ext. 84405 or ext. 84410. Please know that if anything happens to Sean while he’s being illegally silenced, I know a lot of registered voters, including me, who will hold your office responsible. The eyes of the world are watching.

He adds:

“I really need a lawyer. It seems that officials intend to silence me, to stop my social existence beyond the prison fence… FOREVER.They intend to stop me from EVER communicating with ANYONE for the rest of my life.I can’t even sue these people because they steal all incoming legal mail making it impossible to proceed.”

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Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner, radio commentator, and author.

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