Sean Swain Launches Hunger Strike, Calls Needed in Support


Long-time anarchist prisoner, radio commentator, and author Sean Swain has launched a hunger strike and calls of support are needed. For more information on Sean, go here.

From Friends of Sean:

We have not heard from Sean in a week and have received word via a proxy that he is 6 days into a hunger strike.

We have also heard that Sean is facing repression of various kinds, such as false conduct reports, unnecessary/unexplained cell changes, and limitation of his communications.

Although as of yet these issues are unconfirmed, we would like to request that supporters take a moment to call Warren Correctional and inquire about Sean’s status and raise concerns about how he’s being treated right now.

Warren Correctional Institution:

(513) 932-3388 press 7 to be connected to the Warden’s office.

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