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Jan 4, 21

San Francisco, CA: “Vandalism is Incomparable to the Destruction of Human Lives by the Ruling Class”

The following message was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down. We re-print the message below.

It reads:

We brought in the new year redecorating one of numerous properties owned by Nancy Pelosi.

Not to be confused as liberals or right-wing, we claim this act as an autonomous multi-racial group of anarchists and radicals. The shock that some may feel in response to this action is incomparable to the horrors exploited and oppressed people face every day under this system. Vandalism is incomparable to the destruction of human lives by the ruling class. We are inspired by the vandalism at Mitch McConnell’s house the day after our action.

This public health crisis further exposes how both parties exist to uphold the economic and racial violence this country was founded on. Democrats and Republicans alike, are our enemies! May there be more widespread, bold rejection of both parties in the spirit of creating the new worlds we carry in our hearts. We’ll take their money, but they’ll never buy us off.


Photo: screenshot CBS Bay Area

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