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Nov 4, 22

Shane Burley on Crisis, the Insurgent Far-Right Post-J6, and Expanding Grassroots Opposition

photo: @pinkknightpress

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we again speak with antifascist author and researcher Shane Burley, editor of the new book from AK Press, “No Pasarán! Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis,” which features interviews and essays from a wide variety of antifascist thinkers and organizers.

During our discussion with Burley, we look at the current political terrain as the midterm elections loom and the Republican party doubles down on its far-Right associations and culture war talking points. We then switch gears and talk about localized antifascist resistance, and how our struggles need to continue to grow and expand in this period marked by crisis and increasing instability.

As working-class anger builds over inflation, far-Right violence continues to escalate, and the Democratic Party offers no real alternatives to the present order, Burley argues that the need for movements from below to organize is greater than ever.

More Info: Shane Burley on the It’s Going Down podcast here, here, and here and No Pasarán! Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis from AK Press.

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