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April 25

Minneapolis: Smash White Power

From Conflict MN


On April 23rd, anti-fascists converged on Stone Mountain, GA to confront a white power demonstration. Barricades were erected and burned while participants used rocks and fireworks to attack the police tasked with protecting the white supremacists. A multiplicity of tactics were deployed by a variety of groups that effectively shut down the rally. This multifaceted and autonomous approach is inspiring and should be used as a reference point for all who wish the ungovernable spread of anarchy.

The Stone Mountain confrontation marks one of many conflicts erupting from the resurgent far-right, just like the shooting that took place in North Minneapolis. The struggle against white supremacy (as one arm of domination) is global, and each confrontation finds resonance all over the world. Expressions of solidarity remind us of this connection.

After hearing the news from Georgia, a banner was promptly painted and hung in Minneapolis. The banner read:





Nine anti-fascists were arrested in Stone Mountain, donate to their legal
defense here.

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