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Apr 25, 17

Sole Releases Remix of “Hey Liberals”

With the election of Donald Trump liberalism has reached new peaks of delusion and hypocrisy. This is a song written in the immediate aftermath of the Occupy movement in response to the petty, ahistorical analysis displayed by those who wanted to voter in a kinder gentler capitalism, a kinder gentler violent police force, a kinder gentler destruction of all life on earth. The same absurdity is on display today, as democrats and movement managers seek to siphon off the popular outrage in the streets into electoral politics that offer no solution, and “feel good” rallies that accomplish nothing. In this vital moment of history, resistance is not a hash tag…its an imperative. Its not something that happens in a voting both or with a clever sign. Real politics is in the streets, in our neighborhoods and resistance is achieved when we prevent our enemies from carrying out their racist, imperial, exploitative programs.

This track is from Sole & DJ Pain 1’s 1st album; Death Drive.

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