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Jan 24, 17

Solecast #33: Interview with Greek Antifa Participants

From Solecast
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Solecast 33 is an interview with Greek autonomist antifascists. These are folks I met when they brought me to Athens with Antifa Live. Antifa Live is an anti-fascist concert series that happens in squatted locations throughout Athens, but concert promotion is just one small aspect of what they do to broaden the struggle.  They share some history on the situation in Greece, tactics they use and explain the philosophy behind what they do.

Topics Discussed:

  • The economic situation over the past 2 decades
  • The rise of the far right
  • The lessons of Syriza
  • The refugee / migrant crisis
  • Explanation of “autonomism”
  • Antifa organizing strategies


Antifa Live

Autonomia (on semiotext)


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Podcast for revolutionary hip-hop artist Sole; features artists, organizers, and revolutionary thinkers.

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