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Mar 14, 17

Solecast #36: Frank Lopez on Submedia’s New Documentary Series “Trouble”

Listen and Download Here

Solecast 36 is an interview with Frank Lopez of  Frank is the founder of submedia and for 10 years was known by his alter ego The Stimulator. Stimulator was “the foul mouthed news anchor” on submedia’s flagship show “Its The End Of The World As We Know If And I Feel Fine.”  Today’s interview is a discussion about his new documentary series called “Trouble” and how he sees its role in breaking social media alienation and getting people engaged and connected locally. Trouble is a monthly documentary series highlighting uprisings from around the world and taking an in depth and analytical look at them.

Other Topics Discussed:

  • Montreal’s maple syrup and its cultural divergence from New England
  • The evolution of submedia over a decade
  • Basic thoughts on anarchism, and Submedia’s engagement with it
  • Mutual aid based projects that are replicable
  • The relationship between anarchism and indigenous struggle
  • The tension in social movements between the resistance and movement managers
  • 90s hip-hop and its role in radicalizing him

Trouble drops the last Sunday of every month.  The first one is Sunday March 26th, organize a showing in your area & find new comrades!

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