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Jul 27, 17

Solecast #46: “Repression is a Battlefield,” Interview with #J20 Defendant Carlo

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Solecast 46 is an interview with Disrupt J20 defendant Carlo Pianitini who recently penned the Op-Ed for Al Jazeera entitled, “Why Am I Facing 75 Years In Prison For Protesting Trump?” #DisruptJ20 was a broad based coalition created to have a massive showing of resistance against the inauguration of Trump. Carlo was indiscriminately rounded up with over 200 other people who were present at the Disrupt J20 Protests in Washington DC that are all facing a possible 75 years in prison.  75 years in prison… for attending a protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump, yes this is REAL.  This is a very important interview, this could have happened to anyone reading this who happened to be rounded up by the cops on this day.  So please spread this interview around, share it with people and do what you can to raise awareness about this horrifying escalation in state repression.

This conversation covers:

  • How people can help by spreading the word, doing fundraisers and getting involved with the movement to defend Disrupt J20 arrestees.
  • The sexual abuse, the massive violence from the police, and the insane judicial overreach against J20 arrestees.
  • “Wired pleas” where the prosecution is essentially holding couples hostage forcing one to accept a stiffer charge to ensure the freedom of the other.
  • The need for more anarchist lawyers and different sorts of legal strategies that advance  political resistance, not just treating political repression as a simple criminal case.
  • The lack of solidarity from “The Resistance,” the mainstream media and most “indy” media.
  • How this repression is effecting the lives and organizing efforts of those arrestees.

For More Info:

Books mentioned: 

A Tilted Guide To Being A Defendant by Tilted Scales Collective

Crashing The Party by Chris Hermes

Correction: I was wrong about my friend Jared Paul getting swept up at the RNC in 2000, he got his charges in 2008 at St Paul RNC.

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