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Feb 18, 16

Solecast: Alexander Reid Ross on The Oregon Standoff and Fascism In The States

From SoleCast

Fresh from reporting from inside the Oregon Militia standoff, Alexander “Sasha” Reid Ross speaks with Sole on his work. Sasha is a co-moderator for the Earth First! Newswire, author, and contributor to Counterpunch and It’s Going Down. His most recent book “Grabbing Back,” out now on AK Press is about the battle over public space. Sole & Sasha have a critical discussion of the Oregon Militia Standoff, its wider implication for the right wing/ patriot movement in the states, and tie it in with the struggle all over the world over public space.

Topics discussed include:

  • Oregon Militia Stand-off and fascist elements that played a role in it.
  • The link between the so called “patriot” movement, their white supremacist roots and a brief but highly informative history of the modern movement.
  • The long term implications of Donald Trump’s electoral bid and the origins of the racist language he uses.
  • “The Global Land Grab” and the battle over the commons and private property being waged all over the world.
  • The interconnected-ness of the struggle between the global loss of urban and rural land public space.

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