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May 18, 18

Solecast Audience Questions: On Theory, Gardening, Practical Organizing, Music & Anti-fascism

Hip-hop artist Sole takes questions from his audience on a variety of topics.

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On this episode I take questions from folks who subscribe through patron about a wide range of subjects. Everything from thoughts on Communization Theory, to anti-fascism to practical ways to engage in movement work. Folks sent in great questions and had a blast making this.

In this episode I talk a bit about the recent passing of my old friend and collaborator, Alias aka Brendon Whitney. He leaves behind 2 young girls and his wife Jenn and every penny donated is greatly appreciated. If you want to donate to his memorial fund, you can do so here.

If you want to support this podcast through patreon please do so here.  

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Podcast for revolutionary hip-hop artist Sole; features artists, organizers, and revolutionary thinkers.

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