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Oct 8, 18

Solecast: Frank Lopez on Radical Hip-hop and Submedia’s New Film “And You Don’t Stop”

Anarchist hip-hop artist Sole speaks with film and media maker Franklin Lopez, the creator of the Stimulator and part of the sub.Media collective.

Listen and Download HERE

In today’s episode of the Solecast I sit down with Frank Lopez to discuss Submedia’s new film in their ongoing Trouble series, “And You Don’t Stop.”  And You Don’t Stop is a documentary about radical hip-hop as done by grass roots activists. Its an excellent look on hip-hop’s roots, its evolution and highlights some artists that are doing amazing work today.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Hip-hop rising from the failures of Neoliberalism in the South Bronx
  • The rise of the Zulu Nation
  • The importance of aesthetics
  • The role music can play in social movements
  • Public Enemy and some of Franks favorite artists of the 80s/90s
  • Combating sexism in hip-hop
  • What rap can learn from punk and why we need to build up a network of radical hip hop based social centers

Frank also goes in depth talking about the artists he highlights in the documentary, the work they do and their music.

Outro music: “Black Anarchist” By Sima Lee

From Submedia:

Trouble #15: And You Don’t Stop

It’s often said that hip hop is more than just a type of music…. it’s a way of life. A code, a set of practices, an aesthetic and a way of handling yourself. And despite the efforts of industry executives to commodify it and strip it of its subversive potential, hip hop remains a lifestyle firmly rooted in the daily struggles faced by oppressed peoples around the world. It is a weapon, masquerading as culture.

In this month’s episode of Trouble, subMedia explores hip hop as a potent site of revolutionary politics, drawing on the first-hand knowledge and experiences of some of Turtle Island’s baddest grassroots emcees: Ant Loc, Mic Crenshaw, La Marea, Sima Lee, Lee Reed and Mare.

Just a heads up that some of the dialogue in the film is in Spanish, so for English speakers we recommend turning on the subtitles by clicking CC on the video player, and/or downloading the SRT file – particularly if you plan on using a hard copy of the video for screening purposes.

As a bonus, The Stimulator brings us a very special sedition of Burning Cop Car, featuring the music of the emcees we interviewed for Trouble #15. Click here to check it out.

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