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Apr 29, 23

Solidarity Campaign With ‘Florida 4’ Underway

Report on solidarity outreach and actions with the ‘Florida 4,’ a group of pro-choice activists facing trumped up charges.

This week in Broward County, anarchists and allies of autonomous movements have begun to campaign in solidarity with the Florida 4, a group of pro-choice activists facing up to 12 years in prison for allegedly tagging graffiti on anti-choice offices and buildings. Such repression comes from a mangled interpretation of the FACE Act, which was originally devised to combat anti-choice terrorism against abortion clinics but is now being weaponized against pro-choice currents.

Graffiti and stickers were put up in support of these political prisoners, and leaflets were distributed across West Broward. Such actions diffusing knowledge of the encroachment of fascist repression against the pro-choice current are critical, and anyone reading this would do well to join us in a campaign of solidarity and support for the Florida 4.

Though our state is evidently more advanced in its tactics of repression and fascist development, weaponizing current laws against social movements in such a manner is likely only a precedent to be employed in other parts of the country when the social war becomes laid bare as the vestiges of liberal diplomacy fade away in our politics. We call on all allies of the anarchist and pro-choice currents to join us in acting in solidarity with the Florida 4, as well as the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee working to support these political prisoners, as only wider social pressure can shift the momentum of these cases.

Read more about the Florida 4 from the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee.

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