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Apr 24, 16

Solidarity Events and Materials

From Support Prisoner Resistance 

Prisoners in Texas are still on strike, prisoners in Alabama will be joining them on May 1st, food protests continue in Michigan, as well as hunger strikes in Louisiana. Holman Unit in Alabama continues to be a place of strife and open conflict with the authorities.

The fight against slavery, torture and confinement is raging on the inside, and calling for support on the outside. Prisoner supporters and the IWOC are responding to the call, with rallies, phone zaps, and educational events and outreach. You can participate!

Days of Action:

– May Day! May first is the international worker’s holiday, a day of protest and refusal. The Free Alabama Movement have chosen this day to go on strike. They are encouraging outside supporters to make their struggle visible at local marches, rallies and events. Here are a couple of flyers to distribute at or leading up to May Day in your town. PDF Full SheetPDF Half Sheet – editable version to add your local info: DOCX FullDOCX Half

– May 7th The Mothers and Families of FAM will be holding a solidarity rally at Holman prison on Saturday May 7th. Saturday of April 9th, they held a similar rally and supporters across the country held events educating the public about prisoner slavery or protesting against corporations that profit from prisoner labor. Creating this widespread presence and visibility protects striking prisoners against retaliation, generalizes the struggle and demonstrates outside support to prisoners who are mobilizing for the national shutdown on September 9th.

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