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Jan 15, 18

Solidarity Grows as Florida Prisoners Launch #OperationPUSH

Cover photo from @IWW_IWOC

Today, Florida prisoners launched #OperationPUSH, a work strike in protest of prison slavery, high canteen prices, and for the reinstitution of parole and other basic freedoms. Currently news from the inside is slow getting out, however some facilities in Florida are reportedly not accepting visitors and are on lockdown.

On the outside, solidarity rallies, banner drops, and demonstrations of solidarity are taking place in support of #OperationPUSH, as media and publications from Newsweek to Shadowproof have been covering the lead up to the strike. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) of the IWW, has also released an audio interview with a prisoner about the strike.

Watch this page for updates on both the strike and actions of solidarity.


January 15th: 

Strike begins. Solidarity demonstrations take place in various Florida locations as well as across the US. Many people express solidarity at various MLK day marches and actions.

Solidarity demonstration announced outside of central book and intake in Baltimore, Maryland on January 15th, at 5 PM, EST. More info here.

Solidarity demonstration announced at Columbus Circle in New York, New York on January 15th, at 2 PM, EST. More info here.

January 16th: 

Solidarity demonstrations continue. Small trickle of information comes out about the impact of the strike from IWOC and others. In Tallahassee, Florida, The Dream Defenders participate in protest that leads to one arrest. They return later to rally for their comrade and they are released. SPARC reports that 50 people are demonstrating at the North Florida RMC

Angela Davis shouting out Operation PUSH!!!!

Gabrielle Amanda 发布于 2018年1月16日周二

January 17th: 

Solidarity demonstrations continue. Graffiti written in solidarity in Durham, and a solidarity rally is held in Norfolk, Virginia.

January 18th:  

Reports come in that the State is attempting to single out organizers and politicized prisoners and isolate them. IWOC reports that phones are being shut off.

Phone zap called for on Monday, January 20th.

January 19th: 

IWOC releases new information about the widespread impact of Operation PUSH, and reports that prisoners took part in the strike at facilities across the state. They also report that prison officials are coming down hard on prison rebels and those seen as organizers. Interview with It’s Going Down released, IWOC organizer states that inmates are being threatened with being placed in solitary confinement or labeled gang members for associating with IWOC and other organizations. In Nebraska, coordinated banner drops take place.

Social Media Roundup:

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A bunch of people were out at RMC today raising hell, having fucking fun and letting the DOC know that we're fighting back, and the inmates know that we have their backs. Support Florida's prison strike! #operationPUSH #endtoxicprisons

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#operationPUSH at the #reclaimmlk march from downtown to West Oakland ✊ #allviolenceisstateviolence

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#sanantonio #comrades in #solidarity with #operationpush in #florida #prisonstrike

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#operationPUSH SUPPORT FLORIDA PRISON STRIKE #prisonstrike #reclaimmlk

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