Solidarity Needed at Logging Company Attempts to Evict Mattole Forest Blockade


Below is a statement from the forest defenders in the Mattole on a recent raid on their blockade to stop the logging of old-growth forest. Support demonstrations are ongoing, go here for updates

At 5 am on Sunday July 22, 2018, Humboldt Redwood Company’s private security guards, with their tasers drawn, violently awakened forest defenders in the Mattole forest. They came with the intention of dismantling the blockade erected by the forest defenders a month ago to regain access to hundreds of acres of old growth Douglas Fir forests they intend to destroy. The private security guards searched the trees for forest defenders, then tackled the nonviolent protesters, threatened them with tasers, and put them in metal handcuffs under “citizen’s” arrest. The blockade still stands, with forest defenders committed to ensuring the future of the forest.

Two forest defenders were booked and released, as other forest defenders still remained inside the pod at the blockade while guards continue to harass them. Contact HRC’s head forester of the Mattole, Ben Hawke @ (707) 764-4161 or (707) 489-2871 to demand that the harassment stops and that all charges be dropped against the forest defenders!

Save the Mattole Ancient Forest requests your presence to show Humboldt Redwood Company and the Humboldt Sheriff’s Department that citizens of Humboldt care about the Mattole and ancient Douglas Fir Forests.

Ralies took place at the main gate of the Monument Road entrance to HRC’s forest lands Monday and Tuesday to show solidarity and support for the Mattole forest and its protectors. Supporters are encouraged to come out and support, please see our Mattole Forest Facebook page for updates and directions.

This blockade is like a flower. You can cut the top off but it’s always going to grow back!

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