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Feb 12, 18

Solidarity and Support Across the US with Russian and Italian Comrades

Across the US and the world, people stood in solidarity this week with anarchists and antifascists facing repression at the hands of the Russian State, as well as people fighting back in Italy. 

While there has been much fanfare on the part of the Democratic Party recently about Russian involvement in the 2016 election, there remains hardly any discussion within the broader political terrain about autonomous social movements that are fighting back against the nationalist and authoritarian Putin regime. Within this vacuum, the Russian state is torturing and attempting to silence anti-authoritarian voices. In response, a call was made for a week of international solidarity. Meanwhile in Italy, there has been fierce resistance on the streets in the wake of a fascist drive by shooting against African migrants, which predictably was applauded by the Alt-Right in the US.

From the international call:

In October of 2017 in Penza six anarchists and antifascists were arrested by officers of Federal Security Service on a charge of creating a terrorist group. Moreover, in that time the period of raids in anarchists and antifascists houses has started all over Russia. The objects of Security Services attention were different people from absolutely different towns. At last, a new wave of detentions was launched in January of 2018.

Obviously, everything whats going on in our time is an attempt to clear out an anarchist movement before the Elections of the President in 2018. In recent years we could see how the anarchist movement increased its activity after the repressions of 2012 year. These repressions can only intimidate people and crush the anarchist movement. n this case its necessary to show that we are not afraid and we cant be destroyed by their force. Otherwise, the repressions will be used every time when the anarchist movement calls an attention of FSS. We should show them that the stronger their repressions, the more furious will be our resistance. Now its important to support the prisoners, to prevent the continuation of the witch-hunting and give a global publicity for this event. We call you for a solidarity campaign with repressed anarchists from the 5th till 12th of February.

Here’s what all went down across the US that we know of. To contribute to this list, go here, or email us at info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org.

Kansas City

On the 8th of February, Wobblies with the Kansas City IWW branch held a noise demonstration in solidarity with those facing repression. They wrote:

Several wobs and friends decided to go make some noise outside the county jail last night. People who make a living by putting human beings in cages don’t deserve a good night’s sleep.


In Portland, Oregon, a banner was dropped in solidarity with those facing repression, and Rose City Antifa donated money made from their online store towards legal defense.


Not to be outdone, antifascists in Atlanta let comrades in Italy know that they are not alonee. Actions there have been ongoing since February 3rd, when a fascist carried out a drive by shooting. As @th1an1 reported on Twitter:

Thousands march through , , against racism and fascism. On Feb. 3, a 28-year-old neo-fascist named Luca Traini went on a series of drive-by shootings, wounding 5 men and 1 woman of African origin.

New York

In New York, people held a demonstration outside of the Russian consulate in solidarity with those facing repression in Russia.

For news and updates about the international situation, follow both @th1an1 and Insurrection News.

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