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Jun 22, 22

Callout for Solidarity with Communities in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca

The Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI) call for solidarity with communities in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca gravely affected by Hurricane Agatha.

When one speaks of solidarity, very few understand it. Solidarity is the understanding of common interest, and action committed to that understanding.” – Ricardo Flores Magón

As the Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI)—a social organization active in different regions and communities of Oaxaca, Indigenous defenders of land, territory, and rights—we make a callout to the people, collectives, organizations, students, and the public in general, for solidarity with the communities severely affected by Hurricane Agatha which touched down in Oaxaca on May 30 and left devastation in its wake.

The houses, roads, and schools of our compañeros and compañeras of the Sierra Sur have been affected. Many families have lost everything and are currently living amidst ruins.

As an organization in struggle and resistance, we are mobilizing our communities and local committees in the same way we did in 2017 when the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec was severely affected by an earthquake. On that occasion, we heeded the call for organized solidarity carrying out a month of collective work in different localities of the region, supporting projects of reconstruction and repair. As an Indigenous organization, that experience left us with fond memories and served to strengthen our collectivity.

On this occasion, in the face of these new necessities, we again want to support our affected compañeros and compañeras. As such, we make an extensive and cordial invitation to civil society, to all individuals and collectives, to join this solidarity work in the different reconstruction brigades that we will begin on July 4 of this year. Our objective is to construct and repair houses for the families who have been left without homes, working with materials from the region and construction material that we can acquire through donations.

You can participate and support us in these works of reconstruction in the following manner:

  1. Register for the collective work brigades at the email [email protected]. We will be preparing space to receive people. We only ask that you bring the following: tent, sleeping bag, plate, cup, spoon, clothing, and working tools.
  2. Donate money for the purchase of construction material (especially for metal roofing panels). This can be done in two ways:

Coppel account: 4169 1608 3442 3981

Name: Alberto Pineda Moreno

PayPal Link:

For more information write to [email protected] or contact one of the following numbers in Mexico:

958 109 92 19

958 142 40 42

951 228 35 47

951 651 08 94

We want to thank everyone in advance for their support, for spreading the word, and for their solidarity. We await you all with open arms. For dignified housing! Long live the rebellious and organized peoples!


Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI)

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