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Dec 10, 18

Solidarity with the Migrant Caravan from Honduras to the USA; Denouncing Canadian Complicity

A feature No Borders Media interview with migrant justice organizers Stacey Gomez and Yurissa Varela.

Listen and Download HERE

On this edition of No Borders Media, we explore in more detail the recent migrant caravan that courageously traveled from Honduras, through Guatemala, to the US-Mexico border. We speak with two migrant justice organizers – Stacey Gomez and Yurissa Varela – who are based in Halifax and Ottawa respectively, but also with strong links to Central America.

Together, Stacey and Yurissa provide basic background about the caravan, including an eye-witness account from Veracruz, Mexico by Yurissa. They break down the lies and myths about the caravan perpetuated by the Trump administration, the far-right, and much of the mainstream media.

Stacey and Yurissa describe the mutual aid between migrants, and solidarity expressed by supporters of the caravan during its journey. There is a focus on the situation of LGBTQ+ migrants, as well as the current women-led hunger strike in Tijuana by caravan participants.

Importantly, we together breakdown Canadian state and corporate complicity in creating the displacement of Central Americans, such as the role of destructive mining companies like Goldcorp and Aura Minerals in Honduras and Guatemala. We also focus on debunking Canada’s role as some sort of state that welcomes migrants, in the context of the continued imposition of the Safe Third Country Agreement with the USA, as well as the deportation of migrants who reside in Canada, such as Lucy Francineth Granados who was forcibly deported to Guatemala in April.

This interview was recorded on December 3, 2018, by Jaggi Singh of No Borders Media. The interview ends with the track Pa’l Norte by Calle 13.

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