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Sep 23, 20

Statement of Solidarity with Zapatista Communities from Indigenous Prisoner in Struggle Marcelino Ruiz Gómez

Statement of solidarity from Indigenous prisoner in struggle, Marcelino Ruiz Gómez, following recent paramilitary attacks against Zapatista communities in Chiapas


To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the National and International Civil Society

To the National and International Sixth

To the National Indigenous Congress

To the Indigenous Governing Council

To the Media

To the Believers

To the People of Mexico and the World

Compañerxs, brothers and sisters, I send you a combative salute from my space of struggle and resistance. From inside my cell, behind the walls of this prison, I want to express my solidarity with the Zapatista brothers and sisters who have been subject to recent paramilitary aggression. These paramilitary groups have been formed by the capitalist government. Using corruption and repression, they seek to end with the autonomy of the Indigenous Zapatista communities. They want to destroy the Zapatistas for being conscious and defending their mother earth against megaprojects of death and destruction.

This is why we are indignant and strongly condemn the aggression against our brothers and sisters. We hold all three levels of government responsible, since their plan is annihilation, using prisons to incarcerate and kill indigenous peoples. That is why we demand that the paramilitaries be driven out of Zapatista territories.

I make a call to all of the independent organizations to unite in the struggle against injustice. Long live the resistance and rebellion.

Long live Zapata, the struggle continues!

Long live the EZLN!

Long live Samir!

Long live the National Indigenous Congress and Indigenous Governing Council

Until we are all free.


Marcelino Ruiz Gómez

Organization: Vineketik en Resistencia


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