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Mar 23, 23

South Florida Anti-Repression Committee Launches Solidarity Campaign

Announcing the creation of the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee, which is supporting two pro-choice community activists in Florida facing repression. 

Miami, Florida—In an unprecedented use of the FACE Act (a law intended to protect abortion access and abortion clinics), two pro-choice community activists in Florida have been charged under the FACE Act. In addition to the two charged, community members across Florida have been the target of FBI harassment that has included showing up at people’s places of employment, approaching family members, and even executing a “No Knock Warrant,” with armed agents raiding the home of a family with children in the home.

The FACE Act has been used to prosecute individuals who murdered abortion providers, physically threatened or attacked those seeking reproductive healthcare, barricaded abortion clinic entrances, and other anti-choice actions that have served to limit lawful access to abortion and other reproductive health care. Prosecuting two community activists for alleged graffiti is a shameful and disgusting use of the law.

In response, community members have formed the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee (SFLARC) and are launching a solidarity campaign and defense fundraiser. The funds raised will go to support those facing state repression, both those charged and those who experience harassment by law enforcement.

Anti-Repression Committees are a form of mutual aid and have a robust history within progressive movements for social and political change. One purpose they serve is to provide direct support to those who experience the brunt of state repression as a result of their political activities, movement participation, or deeply held beliefs. In addition to direct support, they provide community-based education about the history and impact of repression and information on best practices for movement participants and political actors for staying safer.

The fundraiser for those facing repression in Florida can be found at:

South Florida Anti-Repression Committee also plans to use social media platforms to share information and rally support from the vast Reproductive Justice movement. We can be found across social media platforms under the username @SFL_ARC

Read more about how pro-choice organizers have been targeted in attempts to chill protest and dissent since the Dobbs decision and now face federal charges.

We, the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee, declare that we support our political prisoners – even when they’re innocent.


photo: Daniel Joshua via Unsplash

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