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Feb 18, 16

The Spaces Between Tour: Dates and Collected Writings

From The Spaces Between

All too often as anarchists in the U.S. we look to places like Oakland or New York for cues of how to get it done. The problem with this being that most of us don’t live in anarchist-disney world, where anything is possible and everything is flammable, and we couldn’t afford the rents in Oakland anyway.

This tour features friends from Denver, Colorado and Richmond, Virginia coming to your town to discuss what it looks like for anarchists outside those spaces with longstanding institutional left bases. We think there is a lot to learn from the less “glamorous,” towns and small cities where anarchists continue fighting in spite of it all.

Sharing our experiences of building, failing, rebuilding, fucking it up and sometimes winning, we hope to strike up conversations in your towns with your friends. Let’s talk community defense work, anti-police struggles, combating gentrification warfare, how not to let the liberals get us down and more.


The Spaces Between project and tour kicks off in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on February 18th and will be continuing on to eight other towns in the so-called United States.

Also, the first installment of a series of interviews is complete and available for download here. The zine features interviews with people who are currently living in or once have lived in those places where nothing feels flammable and everything feels impossible. These kids aren’t living in anarchist Disney land. Instead, they’re living in the places where anarchists are struggling along in what can best be described as the project of anarchy. It isn’t glamorous. It isn’t meme ready. It can feel isolated. It is tireless and unrelenting nevertheless.

As this project continues there will be further interviews with anarchists in both the U.S. and Canada as well as essays. You can keep updated with release dates and future tour dates at

We are still accepting both interview participants and essay submissions through June 2016. You can hit us up at [email protected] for more information.

This Winter tour will be in the following cities, so check the website or email us for exact details:

February 18th, Chapel Hill, NC

February 21st, Richmond, VA 

February 22nd, Philadelphia, PA

February 24th, Pittsburgh, PA

February 27th, Brooklyn, New York

February 29th, Bloomington, IN

March 2nd, Chicago, IL

March 3rd, Milwaukee, WI

March 5th, Minneapolis, MN

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