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Spreading the Strike: Solidarity Actions Across North America for September 9th

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People are organizing across the United States and the world in order to stand in the streets in solidarity with those locked behind bars who will strike on September 9th against prison slavery. Already, a wide range of actions have taken place in the run up to the strike. This includes large scale flyering and street propaganda campaigns, banner drops, noise demonstrations outside of jails and detention facilities, and informational events. All of this activity helps to build the capacity of the strike to bring in more people who can take an active role, as well as spread information about the struggle being waged by prisoners on the inside. These actions also bring many organizations, crews, and individuals together that before have previously never worked side by side and helps expose white supremacy as both a system of social control and racial apartheid and an apparatus of management that facilitates the creation of billions of dollars of profits.

In order to better prepare for the strike, here we are going to create a regularly updated page that includes a diary of actions and a list of events and mobilizations leading up to and around the 9th. We know that many events are still in the works, so when you are ready, either submit an event here or email us at: info[at]itsgoingdown[dot]org. In this way, we hope to build a large, multi-faceted, and extremely diverse resistance movement that can support and expand the strike against prison slavery that will continue to take shape on September 9th and beyond.

Diary of Actions (July – September 2016)

Events Leading Up to September 9th and Beyond

Tacoma, WA: 

Olympia, WA: 

Portland, OR:

Eugene, OR: 

Corvallis, OR: 

Eureka, CA:

Oakland, CA:

Merced, CA: 

Santa Barbara, CA: 

Los Angeles, CA:

Phoenix, AZ: 

Tucson, AZ:

Buckeye, AZ: 

Milwaukee, WI: 

Bloomington, IN: 

Indianapolis, IN: 

St. Cloud, MN: 

Minneapolis, MN: 

Denver, CO: 

Chicago, IL:

Carbondale, IL: 

East Lansing, MI: 

Lucasville, OH:

Toledo, OH: 

Cleveland, OH: 

Columbus, OH:

Cincinnati, OH: 

Kansas City, MO: 

St. Louis, MO: 

Denton, TX:

Austin, TX: 

Houston, TX:

Mount Olive, WV: 

Atlanta, GA: 

Bessemer, AL: 

New Orleans, LA: 

Nashville, TN: 

Jessup, MD: 

College Park, MD: 

Cumberland, MD: 

Washington, DC: 

Asheville, NC: 

Durham, NC: 

Hutchinson, KY: 

Tallahassee, FL: 

Gainesville, FL: 

Fort Lauderdale, FL: 

Wildwood, FL:

Detroit, MI: 

Pittsburgh, PA: 

Philadelphia, PA: 

Worcester, MA: 

Providence, RI: 

Camden, NJ: 

Newark, NJ: 

Rochester, NY:

Ithaca, NY: 

Bronx, NY: 

Brooklyn, NY:

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