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Sep 10, 16

St. Cloud: Solidarity with Prison Rebels

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In preparation of the ongoing prisoner work stoppage, organizers in St. Cloud, MN have been spreading the word and raising awareness. Fliers began appearing across the city in the weeks leading up to the strike:

We also painted a large banner to be dropped on the morning of Friday, Sep. 9. Fortunately we took a picture of it before heading out, because the motherfuckin’ pigs tore it down almost as soon as it was put up on the pedestrian bridge over 9th Ave:

While repression may be swift here in St. Cloud, the movement itself continues to grow in central Minnesota. At a benefit show at the Keller bar on Friday night, local punk band Soy Noise raised $50 for the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and introduced many people to the cause for the first time.

Folks locked up in the Stillwater prison don’t know if the water they drink is free of lead, which is a growing concern over the past several months in the region. Officials there are quick to silence their concerns even after the wake of the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The Department of Corrections needs to know that the people of Minnesota will not stand for these blatant injustices, whether we live in Stillwater, St. Cloud or the Twin Cities. The harder they try to silence the voices on the inside, the louder we become on the outside.

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