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May 24, 17

St. Louis, MO: #TakeItDownSTL Report Back

Due to weather, a protest planned at a Confederate monument in Forest Park in St. Louis was cancelled but word came that pro-Confederate counter-demonstrators were still mobilizing. Antifascist activists, joined by Ferguson Frontliners, SoulFire Caravan, Earth Defense Coalition, and other local activists let it be known that they would still come, rain or shine. The press and police were not far behind.

We witnessed an incredible outpouring of youthful passion squaring off with once-comfortable ideologues. The entitled grimaces were met with enthusiastic chants, rainbow streamers, and butterfly wings. It was beautiful to behold.

The press announced two equivalent parties facing off. Just one more #MonumentalMisrepresentation. There is no moral equivalency, the numbers were 5:1, and the energy of life was clearly brimming from the #TakeItDownSTL crowd.

Perhaps most telling of the old-guard were the multiple flags that they flew together, strapped to police barricades places previously: US, Confederate, the thin blue line flag honoring the police, and the Gadsden (‘Don’t Tread on Me’) flag. In case you were wondering about the role of the police in the systems of oppression, the Confederate folk made it clear.

According to news report, the monument was vandalized later that night with various slogans

Those that made threats in their private groups never showed. III% made themselves clearly visible with tattoos and patches. One of them dropped his firearm as he chased an activist who captured two of their confederate flags and was quickly surrounded by activists demanding the gun be properly secured and put away.

Police were run off as activists started doxxing officers publicly- reading aloud their information and disciplinary records. One officer was known for using cocaine while on duty, for example.

III%ers weren’t far behind the police and the monument was quickly ours. But not before removing barriers from the monuments and placing them around “patriot” vehicles.

These actions will continue all summer on Tuesday, 5:30pm, at 5570 Confederate Dr. In St. Louis. All are welcomed to join us.

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