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Oct 28, 16

Standing Rock: “All Out War Zone;” Call for Global Solidarity

Originally posted to It’s Going Down
Video From SubMedia

After a violent raid on resistance encampments on October 27th, which left over 100 people arrested, many injured by projectiles, and one horse dead due to injures from police and DAPL security, clashes continued into the night. Mint Press News describes the situation:

Riot police have raided resistance camps and are still firing tear gas at protesters north of Red Warrior camp on 1806. Protesters have set an SUV on fire as a barricade on the bridge there. They are also setting the bridge on fire…[I]t’s an all out war zone at Standing Rock.

Many people are continuing to answer the call for solidarity with Standing Rock which includes coming to North Dakota and fighting the pipeline and joining the struggle, organizing where you live and taking action against banks, the Army Corp. of Engineers, and politicians backing the project, and sending money and supplies to the encampment. Already solidarity actions are taking places, such as the occupation of buildings, solidarity demonstrations, and more.

Today, the Red Warrior Camp stated on facebook with a video and report:

They have moved the road block to the bridge just north of the big camp to cut off all access from 1806 to the pipeline route…They are trying to finish the project as quickly as possible. Drastic times.

A call has also gone out for militant actions and resistance such as blockades, shutdowns, and direct actions against the DAPL and it’s world. Some resources can be found on NoDAPL Solidarity and Sacred Stone Camp.

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