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Aug 11, 15

State of Emergency Declared in Ferguson as Oath Keepers Arrive

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

More than a 100 protesters were arrested after a State of Emergency was declared in Ferguson, MO. The clamp-down followed Sunday’s armed clashes that broke out on the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. Police shot and critically wounded 19-year-old Tyrone Harris, Jr., who is a high-school friend of Brown.

Throughout Monday night, police used chemical weapons and made violent arrests.

As clashes with police broke out on Monday night, “Oath Keepers,” an organization comprised of current and former US military and law enforcement, were seen on the streets armed with automatic weapons. During the Darren Wilson verdict, Oath Keepers were also out in force. Oath Keepers are a paramilitary style organization with ties to right-wing militia movements.

Earlier in the day, as solidarity demonstrations continued throughout the US and beyond, Ferguson demonstrators blocked Interstate 70, leading to a mass arrest.


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