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May 8, 18

Statement From San Sebastián Bachajón Regarding Political Prisoner Santiago Moreno Pérez

Statement from Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón, adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle, in Chiapas, Mexico about political prisoner Moreno Perez.


Compañeros and compañeras, receive a combative salute for your organizations and peoples in resistance, from the adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas.

Though this means, we want to publicly denounce the resolution of the judge of the first instance of the judicial district of Ocosingo, Chiapas dictating the sentence against our compañero Santiago Moreno Pérez. He is currently imprisoned in playas de catazajá, Chiapas, CERESO number 17. He has been there since February of 2009. He has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crime of homicide. Our compañero Santiago Moreno Pérez is adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón. He is elderly. He was detained without any cause, without having committed a crime, but only because he had participated in the organization. They fabricated a crime against him so as to put him in jail. Like other compañeros, Santiago Moreno is innocent. In spite of having very little evidence against him, the judge of the first instance of the judicial district of Ocosingo, dictated the sentence against him. For this, we make it clear that we will not accept that sentence against our compañero. At the moment the sentence has been appealed. We await future results.

This sentence against our compañero is one of various injustices that happen in Mexico. Those truly responsible live protected by the powerful, backed by the government, and others are utilized as witnesses for a few pesos of money, without taking into account their role in the injustice.

We await the following results in favor of our compañero. The compañero Santiago Moreno is innocent. He never committed the crime in which today he was held responsible.

From the Northern part of the state of Chiapas, in name of our struggle, in the voice of the women and men of San Sebastián Bachajón, we send you all a combative salute.

Never more a Mexico without us!

Land and freedom!

Love live Zapata!

Always until the victory!

Freedom to the political prisoners!

Long live Juan Vásquez Guzmán, the struggle of Bachajón continues!

Long live Carlos Gómez Silvano, the struggle of Bachajón continues!

Out with the state police from our Indigenous territory!

Immediate return of the disappeared and assassinated compañeros of the Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa!

Long live the dignified struggle of the Chole compañeros and compañeras of the ejido Tila!

Long live the dignified struggle of the compañeros and compañeras of San Francisco Xochicuautla!

Long live the peoples that struggle for their autonomy and freedom!


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