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Dec 26, 17

Statement From Ostula Regarding the Approval of the Internal Security Law

The following is a response to the Mexican Senate passing the Internal Security Law, “which would formalize the military’s role in the country’s domestic security.” Many believe that this will continue the trend of militarization of police forces and integration of the military into police operations that will be in turn used against the wider population as well as popular social movements. 

Mexico, December 20th, 2017

To the people of Mexico and the World

To the Organized Civil Society

To the Powerful of the Country

To the National and International Media

As the municipalities of Aquila, Chinicuila, Coahuayana, Coalcomán and Tepalcatepec, who have organized the Citizen Council of Security of the Free and United Municipalities of the Sierra-Coast of Michoacán, we make the following statement regarding the approval of the Internal Security Law:

  1. We oppose the approval, sanction and promulgation of the Internal Security Law because it constitutes a blow from the state, orchestrated from inside the bosom of power to give unbridled authority to the armed forces of Mexico and their supreme command, the president of Mexico.  This law intends to give unchallengeable power to the military command and to continue with the militarization of the national territory.
  2. In our territory, on July 19th, 2015, the Mexican Military violated the uses and customs of our Indigenous Community of Santa María Ostula, arresting commander Cemeí Verdía.  During the operation, more than ten community members were injured and a soldier assassinated with a bullet the young boy, Hidelberto Reyes García, who was found inside a restaurant.  Up until now, the General Prosecutor of the Republic has not remanded any of the responsible soldiers that participated in the operation.  This is the manner in which the armed forces have carried out internal security.  To the people of Mexico, we say that this law is intent on making the entire national territory an extermination camp.
  3. As the people people who signed this communique, we have found pathways to provide public security through self-organization, respect toward human rights and the democratization of public security.  The latter signifies that in each of our our communities the people participate in the selection and naming of police members.  Since our formation in 2013-2014, in our territories, the only ones who have carried out crimes are the soldiers that killed Hidelberto and that previously had committed other acts against the people.
  4. The Internal Security law offers us security by repression and totalitarianism.  The constitution in Article 29 provides for a constitutional procedure to suspend guarantees and even declare certain powers disappeared.  This procedure is collective with the executive, the general attorney and the chamber of senators and deputies participating in it.  This procedure has never been observed because the Federal Executive, de facto, has broken it to violate the guarantees.  What the Internal Security Law intends to do is make a permanent state of exception and give the President of the Republic the sole power to rule at his discretion.  This is to make a law that gives unlimited power to only one man.  With a similar law, many dictators have consolidated their regimes of horror and death.  
  5. The Internal Security Law is not the same as public security.  Public security has the intention to defend the people, while the Internal Security Law has the intention to protect the institutions of the state.  The law that has been approved is a law against the people.  It is a law against those who organize for a better life.  To combat criminals, there is already public security laws.  This law is to subdue whatever popular protests, named by the fascists, “public disorder”.  

We therefore demand:

  1. That President Enrique Peña Nieto veto the Internal Security Law.
  2. Security and justice for those that live in Mexico
  3. Punishment to those responsible of the death of Hidelberto Reyes García
  4. An end to the persecution against our commanders and leaders that only intend to construct security in the communities of our region.  

Citizen Council for Security of the Free and United Municipalities of the Sierra Coast of Michoacán

Translated from the original here:

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