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February 19

Still Rising #4 Mixtape

The Still Rising Mixtape is an ongoing anarchist mixtape project.

The Still Rising Mixtape is back to bless the streets with its 4th edition. This mixtape is dedicated to the J20 defendants who will be going to trial at the end of the month, to the defense of the Afrin canton against the invasion of the Turkish State, to solidarity with Russian and German anarchists, to those proactively organizing actions for Spring 2018, and lastly to the average joe trying to survive this winter.

-SR Intro-
1. One World – Lowkey

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Lowkey-one-world-lyrics
2. U Suck America – Bambu

Lyrics: Unavailable
3. I wonder (Feat. Akala) – Nines
Lyrics: https://azlyrics.com.az/lyrics/nines-i-wonder-feat-akala-one-foot-out-album/
4. A Million And One Questions(Anon 65 Remix Feat Akala & Lowkey) – Jay-Z
Lyrics: Unavailable
5. Homeland And Hip Hop – Immortal Technique (Feat. Mumia Abu Jamal)

Lyrics: https://tinyurl.com/yb68u39k
6. Read Between The Lines – Lowkey

Lyrics: https://www.songlyrics.com/lowkey/read-between-the-lines-lyrics/
7. Freedom of Speech – Immortal Technique

Lyrics: See provided link
8. Hold Your Head Up – Akala

Lyrics: http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/Akala:Hold_Your_Head_Up
9. Black Snakes (Remix) – Prolific The Rapper

Lyrics: Unavailable
10. Which Side Are You On – Rebel Diaz

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Rebel-diaz-which-side-are-you-on-lyrics
11. Real Revolutionaries ft. General Levy and Paolo Fresu – Dead Prez & Bonnot

Lyrics: See description of video in provided link
12. Holes In My Soul (feat. Faniks) – Bambu

Lyrics: Unavailable
13. The 3rd World – Immortal Technique

Lyrics: See provided link
14. Sun Tzu (Feat Asheber) – Akala

Lyrics: https://www.letssingit.com/akala-feat.-asheber-lyrics-sun-tzu-h3d7mw4
15. One (Remix) – Immortal Technique Ft. Akir

Lyrics: See provided link

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