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Aug 6, 18

Still Rising #6 Mixtape

The Still Rising Mixtape is an ongoing anarchist mixtape project.

I have decided to publish Still Rising #6 around the one year anniversary of the publication of Still Rising #1. The first mixtape in this series was published in the aftermath of the Unite the Right counter protest in 2017 and #6 is being published in the lead up to counter protest of the Unite the Right 2 Rally which is taking place this August 2018.

Plenty has changed in our lives since last summer and plenty has not. As we struggle forward in our college classes, work places, unemployment, relationships, and/or our personal dilemmas we must remember to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and to nurture a positive attitude and environment towards our collective liberation and wellbeing. For me music and art are helpful therapy and a healing force to combat the degradation that is inherent in the capitalist economy that is imposed upon us.

Whether we spend the day connected to the internet or print media, or disconnected out and about in the woods on the trails, let’s not forget that the struggle for self determination and equality is prevalent among the strangers in our neighborhoods, across towns in our region, and in the cities across the continents. From San Salvador to London to Sylhet to Washington DC to Yogyakarta to Gaza let’s rise up to create a bright egalitarian future! In the spirit of Emma Goldman, let’s have a global revolution we dance to!

-DJ Anon65

-SR Intro-
1. Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Lowkey (Feat Klashnekoff)
2.The Poverty Of Philosophy – Immortal Technique
3.The Truth About Terrorism – Lowkey
4. Rich Man’s World – Immortal Technique
5. Threat of the Poet – Akala (DJ Anon 65 Remix)
6. My Generation – Logic & Lowkey
7. Seasons Change – Natty ft Akala, Mic Righteous, & Raspect Fyabinghi
8. Money – Lowkey & Logic
9. The Journey – Akala Ft Mic Righteous
10. Sunday Morning – Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil
11. Lords of War – Lowkey
12. McDonald Trump – Lowkey
13. Escape From Yarl’s Wood – Lowkey, Mohammed Yahya & Ebsiljaz

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