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May 21, 09

Substance #1 – Uncompromising life in Pittsburgh

SSubstanceubstance is the social rupture of life in and from Pittsburgh. Issue #1 fills its pages with desire, graffiti, crime, space, and social war. It fills its pages with our words and stories of collective resistance to the boredom of everyday life and the pain of growing up in america. It flurries with the fun of wrecking the crisis of predictability. It is free and open for dialogue. Give it a read, and if you dig holla at us

Better late than never Substance is an uncompromising perspective of life in and from Pittsburgh.

The 12 page full color publication was released on April 17th with our opening of our social center and published by the Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective. It features a behind bars interview with Graffiti writer MF ONE, a journal of revolt from a local anarchist who took part in the greek insurrection in December, GPAC’s story of building a social center, and a few other stories and perspectives of what has been up in our town.

It is available for web viewing and for high quality printing (Mac users: Preview doesn’t play nicely with these pdf’s. Please use Adobe Reader. Linux/Win: It’s all good.)

always burning,
Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective

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