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Nov 16, 22

Mutual Aid and Zine Festival in Bremerton, WA a Raging Success

Report from mutual aid and zine festival is so-called Bremerton, Washington.

A benefit show and zine fair to support the Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance/Kitsap Food Not Bombs in so-called Bremerton, WA on November 12th, brought out anarchists and other comrades from all over the Pacific Northwest. The energy and sense of unity was nothing short of inspiring.

We received an overwhelming amount of donations of coats, hoodies, flannels, and other warm weather clothing, which has already made being outdoors in the brutally cold weather a little more bearable for the growing number of dispossessed community members. We also received several boxes of food from local Wobblies, as well as generous cash donations at the door.

Having the community come together to share radical literature, celebrate each other, and party like fucking werewolves was an experience none of us will forget any time soon. Thank you to It’s Going Down, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Emergent Goods, Left Bank Books, Detritus Books, Historical Seditions, The Charleston, all the bands, and everyone else who came out to make this happen!

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