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Jul 6, 15

Summer 2015 Issue of Fifth Estate Out Now

From Fifth Estate – The Summer 2015 issue of Fifth Estate is out now. The theme for this issue–#394–is “Vietnam: A War of Lies.”

It features the following content:

* Fifth Estate celebrates 50th year
* The Rojava Revolution – Andrew Flood
* All Organizing is Science Fiction – adrienne maree brown
* When the War Comes Home – Marieke Bivar
* Federico Arcos Dies at 94 – David Watson
* Storm Warnings – Feral Sage
* Paradigms – John Zerzan
* Transhumanism vs. Primitivism – Bellamy
* Control of Computerized Television – Jason Rodgers
* Computers in Allende’s Chile – Ian Erik Smith
* Passing of An Anarchist Prankster – Bill Boyer
* Judith Malina Dies at 89 – Lorraine Perlman
* Out of Love – Jim Tull
* Anarchists Confront the Marxist State in Cuba – Quincy B. Thorn


* History & Forgetting – David Watson
* Nobody Spat on American GIs! – Jerry Lembcke
* History of Make Love; Not War – Penelope Rosemont
* Chopper – C.W. Boles
* The Pool at the Sak Woi Club – Nhi (Nancy) Chung
* Anarchist Culture – Ruhe
* Anarchist Theatre Festival

To get a copy, subscribe, or find out more visit http://www.fifthestate.org

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