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Mar 7, 18

Support Antifascists Arrested in East Lansing

Photo by Brenden O’Connor
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In the aftermath of the successful mass antifascist mobilization in East Lansing, Michigan, several antifascists were arrested and now face heavy charges.

The most up-to-date number of arrestees we have heard is 24 people arrested; of those, about half are out, some with felonies, and the rest are awaiting to be arraigned. Court and jail support is strong, but funds are needed more than anything.

Update March 7th:

Twenty-four people were arrested on Monday, and as of now, seven are still in lockup. We need $25,000 total – or $7,000 more – to bail everyone out today.

Folks have been in jail now for two days under, as usual, not great conditions. But some of those still behind bars are in need of medical attention. We had to take one person to urgent care immediately on release for injuries sustained on Monday. The longer the rest remain in jail, the more these health issues become a greater concern.

Of those arrested, many now face felonies, some have misdemeanors, and others had their charges dismissed but “pending further investigation.” We have legal battles ahead, but know we’ll make it through because of all the solidarity, including yours! For now, we want to make sure that everyone is freed from jail and taken good care of once outside.

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