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Jul 30, 18

Support Baltimore Rebel Allen Bullock

In 2015, after Baltimore police officers murdered Freddie Gray, Allen was arrested for breaking some car windows and the Baltimore court system set his bail at $500,000. This was more than the amount set for the police officers who killed Freddie Gray, who are all, every one of them, doing just fine now.

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After spending half a year in prison, Allen was released and given five years probation.

In 2017, Allen’s probation officer said he missed two meetings and didn’t report a change of address. The Baltimore prosecuting attorney assigned to his case then asked the judge to send him to prison for 11.5 years for “not taking his probation seriously”. The judge sentenced him to jail for four years, which sets his release date at somewhere around summer of 2021 — he got four years in prison for breaking some windows and missing some meetings.

Let’s show Allen that people didn’t forget about him as soon as his picture left the news cycle.

All money raised here will be deposited into Allen’s commissary fund. Please contribute and make the next few years he’ll be spending in prison slightly less shitty.

Prisoners use funds from their inmate accounts to purchase necessities such as clothing, food, and personal hygiene products.

You can help by either contributing whatever financial support you can or sharing this page with your networks, or both. Allen thanks you for your support!

You can also write to Allen at:

Allen Bullock, SID # 3880939, ID #457790
Eastern Correctional Institution
30420 Revells Neck Rd
Westover MD 21890

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