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Feb 22, 18

Support Emergent Goods: Help Us Build Autonomous Production and Distribution Infrastructure

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Emergent Goods is a bunch of weirdos who share the beautiful idea that our lives should be ours. We desire to express, share, and spread that idea. We will design and screen print apparel and tote bags as well as stickers and enamel pins. We will produce original theory, practical guides for the actualization of anarchist desires, and distribute neglected works. All of our materials will be available online as well as at events.

We feel excited about making things and distributing them to old friends and new comrades alike but our aim is much broader than the marketplace. We hope to establish long term infrastructure and resources to expand our production capabilities, make money to feed bail funds and solidarity networks, share ideas, make new friends, and support each other in projects we haven’t even imagined yet. By working to establish networks of resources, Emergent hopes to expand and share our power outside and against the state and capital.

At the moment we have the in-house capacity to produce beautiful zines, posters, and screen-printed goods. But our skills and capacities are much greater, and a little extra support will allow us to dramatically increase our output. We have a risograph duplicator that needs fixing, screen printing equipment that needs organizing, and a book binder that needs to be moved a thousand miles. Past these logistical obstacles we are beginning to see the project come together. Now we are looking for financial support toward start up costs and a first run of literature and apparel.

We’re grateful and excited for any contributions to help get the ball rolling on this project. Raising $3,000 would allow us to set up fundamental infrastructure such as secure web hosting and financial logistics, and get a decent first run of lit and swag. Raising $4,000 would allow all that plus help get all of our readily available means of production up and running, meaning we could start chasing our more out there aspirations. $6,000 would shatter the ceiling of our current scope, give us staying power, and let us make serious steps towards becoming an autonomous distribution and production node.

Against the subjugation of life!

Towards the actualization of our autonomous potentialities!


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