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Jun 27, 16

How to Support Those Injured in #NoNazisInSac Shut Down

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Sunday, June 26th, over 500 anti-fascists converged at the Sacramento State Capitol to shut down the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) who were representing for the Traditional Worker Party (TWP).

Members of other Neo-Nazi groups were largely no shows, although two members of Blood and Honor were in attendance (and were quickly left behind by GSS) and were promptly ejected. A live streamer/reporter for fascist media outlet Red Ice Radio was also sneaking around the capital; the stream was shut down and they were showed a quick exit. Matthew Heimbach, leader of the TWP was noticeably not in attendance and instead sat at home on his computer and made commentary over the livestream and declared victory while his troops were running to their cars.

While a much more in depth and bigger report on this is sure to come soon, what can be said in short is that after having almost two months to build for a large mobilization the Neo-Nazis and white nationalists could only muster about 15-20 people on their side. For anti-fascists working between crews, organizations, and cities, we manifested a massive turn out in about half of the time. The crowd was racially and political diverse and had a strong showing of militant queer and trans people. There was also a large turnout of poor and working class whites as well as punk-rockers and traditional anti-racist skinheads who also threw the fuck down. The crowd was militant and dedicated to shutting down the rally while doing an amazing job of taking care of each other. Folks on the street after the clashes shook people’s hands and commended the black bloc for acting with courage and bravery.

The Neo-Nazis were not able to march and they did not have a rally. They were total failures. GSS couldn’t make it through the front and so they snuck around the back before being ejected. Everyone from GSS, to fascist media outlet Red Ice Radio, to unaffiliated white supremacists were shut down. GSS acted from a place of desperation; Anti-Fascists operated from a place of strength. Antifa had shut down all their other options and minimized what they could do, and after being confronted they quickly ran to their cars several blocks away and sped off.

While the crowd accomplished what it set out to do it came at a high cost. In the confrontation, several people suffered stab wounds and other trauma.

Many of the injured were fighting to break free from Class, Gender, and Racial oppression that shape the American colonialist reality.

Here are a list of ways that people can help:

  1. Donate to the Medical Fund:
    If you can, please donate to the bail and medical fund. Anything helps and you can also share the link on social media. Go there at:
  2. Throw a Benefit:
    Several groups are already planning benefit events in several locations. Host an event, discussion, or party to raise funds. ‘Welcome to Leith’ is now on NetFlix if you are looking for an excellent film to show. We also recommend getting in contact with a local anti-fascist speaker or holding a discussion about how these struggles are linked to what is happening in your area.
  3. Drop a Banner or Hold a Rally:
    Drop a banner in a public place, take a picture, and send in report to Hold a rally or demonstration, hand out flyers and talk with people about how what happened in Sacramento was a victory against fascism and white supremacy and why we should support the people that were injured fighting. These acts of solidarity with help build people’s spirits and show that our struggles are connected.
  4. Send a Card of Support:
    Want to send a message to anti-fascists who are dealing with injuries? You can send messages of support to: Sacramento Prisoner Support
    PO Box 163126
    Sacramento, CA 95816
  5. Take Action Against Fascism In Your Area:
    Organize, confront, and combat fascism and white nationalism in your area. Let us build from this mobilization and sweep the fascists off the streets. ¡No pasarán!
  6. Print out and Put Up Solidarity Posters:
    Download posters here and place them around where you live, work, or go to school. Take pictures and send them to



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