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Feb 11, 19

Support Juivonne Littlejohn: Prison Rebel Facing Repression for Prison Strike Organizing

Juivonne Littlejohn, an imprisoned comrade, who members of Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC (RAM-NYC) have been corresponding with, is in need of solidarity in the face of repression he is facing for his organizing efforts.

Juivonne, a prison rebel who helped to organize the 2016 prison strike and uprising in Kinross Prison in Michigan, is facing retaliation for allegedly attempting to organize actions during the 2018 prison strike last summer.

Prison officials have placed him in administrative segregation and charged him with incitement to riot or strike. He is facing this draconian punishment for standing up for dignity and freedom for his fellow prisoners. He is asking for donations to help pay for court fees that will help him to continue his struggle against the system of prison slavery.

From Juivonne:

To all of the brothers and sisters of solidarity state by state, I am in need of your financial help.

I have fought for the rights of those of us in prison and have been subjected to continued retaliation from various prison officials since I led the 2016 prison riot in Michigan and because of my involvement they have continued to place me in solitary confinement-administrative segregation, in which I am only allowed one 15 minute call a month to my family and one hour of yard five days a week. All of this is to isolate me from the body of solidarity brothers who all stood with me on our protest for change in this system.

Enclosed is what they continue to do to me and since they’ve disposed of all of my property, I am without necessities and they’ve also changed me $3000 court fees of which I am unable to pay, as I have no funds. So I am asking for any of you to help me pay off this bill if you can each help by donations as much as you could to the person I have that will help me resolve this matter as soon as possible, so I can continue fighting these prison officials in the courts on our behalf. Without these funds to pay off the court cost, I will be barred from helping others, including myself. So I am asking for any of you to donate whatever you can for this cause so I can continue my fight for us all.

The money that you send will be used solely for the purpose of paying off this debt of court fees and for further litigation to help us all. That is vital to our struggle to get these people legal help for their cases.

The address below is where you send the donations so these fees can be paid off immediately. I need your help.

If solidarity is our strength as one then show your strength by donating to me to help us regain our foot on their necks. We can’t give up now. We have set out to be heard and we sacrificed for the cause. We need your help. Don’t let us down.

If you want to write to me be sure to put your address and name on the letter also so I can contact you. It’s mandatory it must be on the paper letter for reply.


Donate here, and write ‘Juivonne Littlejohn’ into the message area.

For Reference: Kinross Prisoners Facing Up to Two Years in the Hole for Rebellion.

Send any checks or money orders to:

Robin Littlejohn
19236 Albany
Detroit, Michigan 48234

Send him some solidarity messages at:

Juivonne Littlejohn #141819
Baraga Correctional Facility
13924 Wadaga Road

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