1783BCF2-4AA5-4F3B-8E21-419EDA713986-60046-0000301FDFE87CB9.jpegOne People’s Project has been on the front lines reporting on and exposing the racist right, working hand in hand with countless coalitions to shut down ultra-nationalist conferences, and rehabilitating ex-white-supremacists for 17 years. We were the first to expose the now famous white-nationalist Richard Spencer and document the rise of the alt-right. Our work is for you.

Fighting the tide of a resurgent far-right means interrupting neo-nazis, klansmen, and other ethno-nationalists’ ability to organize. It means breaking up their networks, vigilance against their calls for violence, and self defense against their physical threats and their xenophobic agenda. We do this by keeping to a simple ethos, “Hate Has Consequences.” The weight of the whole world should be on the shoulders of those who act towards ethnic cleansing. Every step they take there should be an unbearable pressure to give up their life of fear and hatred. Until that happens, we’ll be there – and we need help.

We’re hiring full time staff to document and report on fascist activity, to grow our networks and build robust anti-racist communities, and to give our followers more updates and opportunities to be involved. We need funds to travel to anti-racist conferences and to oppose racist events. We’re looking to open an office to sort and store our archive of racist materials and our files on known members of racist organizations. Everything from research to providing our informants with burner phones costs us money and time, which our volunteers have been extremely generous to give. But, we need to expand to meet the challenges this new world provides, and you can help us do just that by giving a monthly donation.




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