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Jun 22, 19

Support The Base Anarchist Center in Brooklyn

Call to support The Base, an anarchist community center located in Brooklyn, New York. To hear our podcast interview with people involved in The Base, go here.

The Base is an anarchist social center in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We opened the space about over 5 years ago, in hopes that it would develop into a revolutionary space where people could meet, learn, and start laying the foundation for a better world together. We hoped to forge the strong bonds we will ultimately need to rid the world of capitalism and slavery, while preparing our hearts and minds for the work ahead and honoring those who came before us, the sacrifices they made, and the knowledge they imparted. Finally, we hoped to serve as a valuable resource for anyone in the neighborhood who might need immediate assistance, such as food or safe harbor for a night.

We are really hyped to see that our dream has become a reality! The Base is now used by several radical groups, including the local chapters of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM-NYC) and Anarchist Black Cross (ABC-NYC), the Radical Gardeners collective, and the Jane Adams Mental Health Collective. he Base regularly hosts solidarity events for prisoners, immigrants, and others who need our support, such as RAM’s Support through the Walls every other Wednesday and ABC’s Political Prisoner Letter Writing every other Tuesday.

Support New York's anarchist space: The Base!For over 5 years The Base has been the home of anarchist organizing in New York City.Help us keep the doors open and the lights on:Subscribe as a monthly donor to underpin this work!New events coming soon!

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement 发布于 2019年6月21日周五

The Base is also a space in which individuals or groups can pay homage to revolutionaries who have fallen in the struggle against oppression. Earlier this year, we mourned the loss of Lorenzo “Orso” Orsetti, also known as Tekoşer. Tekoşer was an Italian fighter with Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle), an international anarchist militia based in Rojava, Syria.

The space also contributes to revolutionary study by hosting reading groups, film screenings, and open discussions on subjects such as imperialism and anti-statehood. The Radical Gardeners maintain a beautiful garden of fresh veggies and herbs right outside of the Base, and the food therein is free for anyone who wants it. The Jane Addams Collective and Psychological Emancipation for Revolutionary Abolition (PERA) are building non-hierarchical mental health care triads – so people can provide the tools for each other’s care. We are also in the process of setting up a rapid response network so that people who need immediate assistance can get in touch with us.

These are just some of the many projects and events that occur at the Base, and we have tons of ideas for things we’d like to launch in the coming months; however, as you already know if you live anywhere near here, Bushwick rent is expensive. We’re about to lose our shirts out here, so we are having a fundraising drive in hopes of keeping the space open for as long as possible. We’re asking for folks to subscribe with monthly donations to buttress recurring costs of rent and utilities and we are offering some gifts at various donation levels.

Monthly donation:

Donate anonymously using Bitcoin:

Upcoming Event:

Tattoo Party
Saturday, June 29th 5pm-1am

We are PSYCHED to kick off our fundraising drive for The Base with a TATTOO PARTY next Saturday! We will be there late afternoon, into the evening, and on into the night; so come through whenever, get a tattoo, eat some food, learn your future, and see what you might look like if you were a cartoon. You can make a one-time donation on the spot, if you like; or, if you are able to contribute monthly, you’ll have a chance to get some cool swag, like revolutionary t-shirts and flags. Either way, we hope to see you there!

If you can’t come, you can donate here:

Monthly donation:

Donate anonymously using Bitcoin:

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Anarchist community center located in Brooklyn, New York.

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