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May 4, 22

System Fail #10: The War on Men

SubMedia.Tv returns with another season of System Fail.

Welcome back to another season of System Fail. In our 10th installment, we briefly cover multiple fronts of the War on Men.

First up, Tucker Carlson bravely leads men on an unorthodox quest to boost their testosterone levels. Next, Vladimir Putin bolsters his fragile masculinity by deploying a full-scale invasion of the Ukraine. After that, reactionary conservatives in the United States try to protect their natural, God-given hetero cis gender roles by using the legislative power of the state to strictly enforce them. Then, in Brazil, we discover that the military has come under scrutiny for ordering massive amounts of Viagra and silicone penile implants and also for murdering a 5 year old child. In the final front in the war on manhood, lonely and recently divorced billionaire Elon Musk tries to recuperate his bruised ego by purchasing Twitter, one of the most influential social media platforms on the planet.

That about wraps it up for this episode of System Fail. Tune in every other Monday for the latest updates on the downfall of civilization.

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