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Montreal Marches Against Police Brutality

Hundreds of people gathered to denounce police brutality against indigenous people, people of color, women and the homeless. People marched despite a snow storm...

Montreal: Premiere of SubMedia’s New Show, “Trouble”

subMedia.tv is excited to announce the launch of Trouble, a brand-new monthly show offering an in-depth anarchist analysis of the dynamics and forces shaping...

Montreal: “Cops Protect Fascists” Report Back

As the far-right attempted to mobilize demonstrations all over North America on Saturday, anti-fascists came out in force to oppose them. In Montreal, the far-right...

#DisruptJ20 takes Portland

New video report about #DisruptJ20 actions in Portland via Daniel V. Media.

Montreal Throws Down Against Trump

Montreal’s activists came out in force to #DisruptJ20, burning a Trump effigy in front of the American consulate, taking over an upscale shopping mall,...

Support Comrades Arrested in DC!

From subMedia.tv Donate HereOn Friday, January 20, more than 200 comrades were arrested in DC during the protests against Trump and the hatred and bigotry he...

Riots in the Nation’s Capital

From subMedia.tvThis 14 minute video by jake westly anderson shows the courage of the Black Bloc, as they rampaged through Washington DC, during at the time...

#Deploraball Smashed!

From subMedia.tv#DisruptJ20 weekend kicks off in Washington DCThousands gathered in front of the site of the Deploraball, a pro Trump party organized by members of...

Defend the Hood

From subMedia.tvIn 2016, numerous attacks were launched at diverse symbols of gentrification in the Montreal neighborhoods of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Saint-Henri. We wanted to give space...

What is Class?

From subMedia.tvClass struggle, the struggle within and against capitalism, is an intrinsic guiding force of anarchist theory and practice. Nonetheless, many enduring myths and misconceptions...