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Jul 13, 19

Tampa Community Blanketed with Hundreds of Posters calling for ICE Subversion and Sabotage

The following communique and photo was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down which we re-post below.

It reads:

In an unassuming building in Ybor City, with no sign fronting what is happening within it’s walls, CBP had two security guards posted out front to defend its entrance.

However, they were so busy fumbling with their cooler and energy drinks that they didn’t notice the front and back of the building being stamped with posters calling for the abolition and sabotage of the agency’s border enforcement ops.

Bay area communities were blanketed with Know Your Rights and ICE subversion literature by the hundreds. …And hundreds more will continue to backdrop our community, a contribution to the rising culture of resistance to the national police delivering children into cages and severing families from one another through roundups, raids and forced repatriations into deadly situations that people risked their lives to escape. As, by the thousands, CBP mock their deaths and rejoice in sharing slurs against them on secret social media pages.

While ICE continues transforming our streets into their hunting grounds, we will continue to transform those grounds into points of exposure, subversion and resistance until abolition has been achieved.

CBP, ICE and DHS: tou have abducted, raped, neglected, murdered, mistreated, caged, criminalized, terrorized, fear mongered and violated people by the hundreds of thousands.

You get the fuck out.

-Until every mechanism of the border regime is in ashes.

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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