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Jul 14, 17

Texas: Denton County Republican Party Chair Exposed as White Nationalist

A Denton County Republican Party Precinct Chair has recently found himself the center of attention lately, following a post made on reddit, outing him as a white supremacist and fascist sympathizer. The post, which includes a list of openly fash/white supremacist twitter users he follows also includes his personal hot takes like:


Some concerned citizens in Denton have mobilized to inform the community that Joseph Kane is a neo-nazi, Joseph Kane is a fascist, and Joseph Kane is a white supremacist.


You’d think that Denton County Republicans would distance themselves, but as of publication of this article, Kane remains on their website as a precinct chair. Just a warning for all other white supremacists out there, we’re going to find you and expose you.

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Anti-Fascist organizing collective in North Texas.

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