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January 29

The Dirt: Issue #1

The Dirt is a new print anarchist publication that takes on the prison-industrial complex and works to dig up “the dirt” on the powerful people who benefit from it. Also featuring a variety of news and resources of interest to anarchists, prisoner writings, and tips and info on techno-security.  From the first issue:

Hello! We are the Dirt Collective. Tu mataste a mi padre. Preparate a morir!  With this edition we begin what hopefully will become a long and glorious career of making powerful people squirm. We’ve got info about klansmen and prison contractors, professional spies and racist cops. We’re always looking to publish the writing of prisoners. We hope to be useful in a time of conflict and distrust. We aim for no-bullshit data and combative reportage. Send your writing and your inside scoop to: [email protected]

Download the publication and distribute widely!

Get their PGP key for more secure article submission on their website: thedirt.noblogs.org


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