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Jan 19, 20

This Is America #103: Antifascist Thoughts on Virginia; Trump, Iran & Impeachment

Welcome, to This Is America, January 19th, 2019.

In this episode, we speak with someone from the Red Strings and Maroons podcast about an upcoming rally in Virginia against a slew of newly proposed anti-gun legislation. We discuss the proposed bills, the growing rhetoric of violence coming from the Right, and talk about the upcoming demonstration on January 20th.

We then switch to a discussion, where we talk about the US economy, growing suicide rates and police shootings, continuing tensions between the US and Iran, and the Trump impeachment crisis.

All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news!

Living and Fighting

  • In Kentucky, coal minters in Pike County received pay checks owed to them by a mining company after they launched a railroad blockade. A supporter on the ground in contact with IGD stated that after miners got their checks, they donated the remaining amount of money from an online fundraiser to a harm reduction collective.

  • In Puerto Rico, where people are still reeling from the chaos brought on by a recent earthquake, anger has exploded after a warehouse filled with water, cots, and other supplies was recently found. The items were supposed to be used in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but were never distributed. After the news hit social media, people stormed the warehouse and began distributing the goods themselves and there is now a call for a general strike starting Monday, January 20th.

  • Delbert Africa, one of the MOVE 9, has finally been paroled and released following 42 year inside.
  • On January 17th, actions against Line 3 happened across the US, from banner drops, graffiti campaigns, wheat-pasting of posters, rallies, and vandalism of banks involved in the project.

  • While we discuss the upcoming situation in Virginia, a lot has happened since the discussion was first recorded. First, 7 members of the neo-Nazi paramilitary organization the Base have been arrested. Three were arrested by the FBI while on their way to Virginia. The authorities claim that they were planning to open fire on the crowd at the rally, in order to cause chaos. Another three members of the Base were arrested for plotting to murder an ‘antifa’ couple in Georgia. Another was arrested for vandalizing a synagogue.
  • A socialist lawmaker in Virginia has received a slew of death threats leading up to the rally, even though he does not support the anti-gun legislation.

  • Numerous rallies planned on “Lobby Day,” January 20th, in Virginia at the same time as the pro-gun rally have been cancelled due to fear of violence.
  • According to Bellingcat, someone claiming to be a Virginia police officer has been posting inside information on 4chan’s /pol/ board, where white nationalists have also been posting a treasure trove of violent fantasies.

Upcoming Events

  • January 19th: Rally Against CAA, NRC, NPR in India. Artesia, CA. More info.
  • January 31st: FTP Mobilization and City Wide Day of Transit Action. NYC, NY. More info.
  • April 9th – 12th: Conference on Jewish Anarchism. Chicago, IL. More info.
  • April 25th: Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. Oakland, CA. More info.
  • July 3rd-5th: Spit and Dan Antifascist Music Festival. Asheville, NC. More info.

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