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Jun 22, 18

This Is America #12: #OccupyICENYC, Pittsburgh Shuts It Down

Welcome, to This Is America, June 22nd, 2018.

#OccupyICE Actions Spread Across the US

In this episode, we talked with someone in New York about that ongoing anti-ICE actions there. But first, let’s look at how #SurroundICE has been playing out across the US.

In Portland, Oregon, the US flag has been officially taken down, only to be replaced with a black flag bearing the words: “Refugees Welcome.”

Now, close to entering it’s second week on Sunday, the encampment still continues to grow and increasing its infrastructure is spreading out to more and more territory. As one VICE article wrote:

The scene at the makeshift encampment along the railroad tracks abutting the ICE facility was a communal and jovial one when I visited, the surreal and wildly diverse scene akin to that of an incredibly woke music festival taking place in the Mad Max universe. People setting up new tents on Wednesday made jokes with other protesters, who welcomed them to the “neighborhood.” Kids frolicked about with parents in tow to hand out granola bars. A team with flashlights kept traffic flowing away from the swelling crowd that listened to speakers lit by a nearby candlelit vigil. A Spanish-language info tent had been erected to advise families who had appointments with ICE. There were even wooden cabinets someone had dragged from home and stocked neatly with first aid supplies and leftist literature, adding to the surreally homey feel of the festivities.

The big news since our last update on Wednesday, is that ICE officially has announced that it will not longer operate out of the building that is now surrounded by a tent encampment. And while far-Right groups like the Proud Boys haven’t returned, the owner, Stuart Lindquist, did make an appearance and attempted to run over a group of protesters with his truck, only to have his photo taken and his address released. Here’s a video interview with someone that was on the scene:

Most importantly, the spirit of the Portland commune has spread. Currently, another occupation has sprouted in New York, where comrades with the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) have called for people to surrounded an ICE building where migrants are being proceeded. Other encampments have also sprung up in Tacoma, WA and Los Angeles, CA, while other protests across the US have continued.

Also in Washington DC this morning:

Homeland Security secretarty Kirstjen Nielson got an early morning surprise at her Aleandria townhouse. Before she could leave for work, protesters showed up playing audio of the children she helped to separate from their parents.

Protesters chanted “No Justice, no sleep! and “Free the kids!” When Kirstjen finally left for work she had to pass protesters chanting “SHAME!”

There is also a report on Twitter that Kirstjen Nielson has told GOP Congressmen that there are plans to start separating families again one the uproar quits down. This sort of thing will guarantee she will be targetted by protesters again and again. This does not stop at the office, as the world saw twice in the past week. At work, eating at a Mexican restaurant, at home and at all hours of the day and night, monsters like this are facing crowds made furious by these attacks on innocent children. NO SLEEP FOR THE WICKED!

Tacoma, Washington:

New York, NY:

Los Angeles, CA:

East Pittsburgh Shuts It Down for Antwon Rose

Over the last three nights, marches, rallies, and freeway shut downs have all taken place in East Pittsburgh, where community members are demanding justice over the police murder of Antwon Rose, Jr, who was only 17 when he was shot by police three times in the back.

Rose, who was unarmed at the time of his killing, ran from a police officer, Michael Rosfeld, who had been sworn in only literally hours before the shooting, and who according to report from Shaun King of The Intercept, had a history of violence in other departments. According to one office who worked with Rosfeld at a university, he described him as a “f-cking nut job.”

As Shaun King wrote:

From the video it appears that Antwon, who was a rising senior at his local high school and was known as a generous skateboarding nerd, was simply afraid, and made the split second decision to run for it.

The car that they were in had been flagged as suspicious because of a shooting that happened earlier that day. And Antwon was faced with a critical decision – stay and see what happens or run for his life.

The first night of the demonstrations saw people rallying, holding space, and blocking intersections. Read two report backs on It’s Going Down for more info here.

The second night, people blocked a freeway for several hours after another rally in the downtown. Read a report back from that night from the Filler Collective on It’s Going Down here. Tonight, the demonstrations and street blockades continued, with police bringing out the riot police as the sun started to go down, and protesters continuing to shut down major highways.

Living and Fighting

  • In Philadelphia, a trans woman faces up to seven years in prison for attempting to burn a Blue Lives Matter flag at PRIDE. She has been charged with two misdemeanors by DA Larry Krasner, who was backed by left and socialist activists.
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June 22. The Mountain Valley Pipeline is breaching Teels Creek. Please CALL THESE PEOPLE, demand a stop work order and a State Water Control Board Meeting by June 30th. Anne Regn DEQ Spokesperson 804-698-4442, 804-381-2287 Bill Hayden DEQ Spokesperson 804-698-4447, James Golden DEQ Director of Operations 804-698-4220, Jerome Brooks DEQ Pipeline Compliance Mgr 804-698-4403, John McCutcheon DEQ Compliance Monitor 804-418-2051, DEQ Central Offices 804-698-4000 . #NoMVP #NoACP #StopWorkNow

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  • Rose City Antifa has released a new set of doxxes of Proud Boys in the Pacific Northwest, and have revealed that Joey Gibson’s “campaign manager” is a member of the Proud Boys.
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Just a few more days!!! @firestormcoop is already getting ready ? you can stop by and pick up a printed schedule hot off the presses.

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  • In Minneapolis, the “F- Your Flips” anti-gentrification campaign has now expanded to the Midwest. See a report on Conflict MN.

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we’re out here getting ready to grill – still time to come thru

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