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Oct 31, 20

This Is America #128: Devin Burghart on Far-Right Threats During Election; Trump’s Push for Coup

Welcome, to This Is America, October 31st, 2020.

On this episode, we feature an interview with Devin Burghart, the Executive Director for the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights. We discuss the uptick of far-Right, neo-Nazi, and militia activity in the lead-up to the 2020 election and what to expect from far-Right formations at the polls and on the streets over the next few days. Burghart argues that these groups will be out and armed in various locations – and its up to us in our communities to not allow them to intimidate us.

We then feature a discussion on Trump’s continued push for a coup, which appears will be based upon declaring mail-in ballots in various swing states to be invalid – with potentially the US supreme court being used to validate Trump’s bogus claims. We run through various scenarios and talk about the role of mass mobilization.

photo: Joseph Ngabo 

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