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Nov 28, 20

This Is America #131: As Temperatures Drop, Housing War Heats Up; Report from DC

Welcome, to This Is America, November 28th, 2020.

On today’s episode, first we present an interview with Chad Loder, someone who has been on the ground documenting the ongoing eviction resistance of vacant homes owned by Caltrans in Southern California that people have been reclaiming over the past year.

We then speak with someone from Tacoma Housing Now, about a recent housing occupation in the face of increasing cold temperatures and deaths of people living on the street.

Finally, we speak with Chuck Modi, an independent journalist based in DC about what all went down during the Millions MAGA March, where far-Right Trump supporters and Proud Boys attacked anti-Trump protesters. This is followed by an interview produced by the fine folks at Upfront conducted with someone on the streets of DC who was stabbed in the back while attempting to help another individual.

All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news!

Living and Fighting

  • In Southern California, clashes continue as California Highway Patrol officers carry out evictions of a group of people who have moved into vacant homes that have been owned by Caltrans for decades following World War II. This spring, dozens of homes in the abandoned section of housing stock were reclaimed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and right before Thanksgiving, housing activists announced that more would be moving in. Despite the holiday, dropping temperatures, and the increasing rate of infections, CHP officers violently arrested and attacked housing reclaimers and their supporters, as neighbors turned out in solidarity to support the ongoing defense of people’s homes.

  • In a statement published by Oakland Abolition and Solidarity, members of Jailhouse Lawyer Speak have announced that a hunger strike is ongoing at the Corcoran prison in California and have issued a set of demands.
  • The Anarchist Black Cross Federation is ask for donations for their warchest program, which provides political prisoners with monthly stipends. The group writes, “Since its inception, we have distributed over $130,000 in funds.”
  • The Socialist Rifle Association or (SRA) is currently fundraising to buy a self-organized and autonomous shooting range in Southern New Hampshire. They wrote in a statement that they have already raised around 17K and are continuing to fundraise. Check out their gofundme here.

  • Banners were dropped across the US in solidarity with Loren Reed, an indigenous activist in Arizona facing over 10 years for writing private Facebook comments. Go here for more info on how to support Reed, donate, and write to him.
  • The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) is calling for a week of action from December 3rd – 10th to commemorate the life of martyred antifascist, Michael Reinoehl, who several months ago defended himself and a friend from an attack by a member of the neo-fascist group, Patriot Prayer. The individual had been one of hundreds of violent Trump supporters who had invaded Portland, Oregon, firing projectiles and attacking residents on the street during a pro-Trump caravan. Days later, on the same night that VICE was to run an interview with Reinoehl, US marshals and local police opened fire outside of a dwelling where Michael was staying. According to witnesses, police did not identity themselves nor was Michael attempting to fire upon them, when they killed him in a barrage of bullets. Both Attorney General Bill Barr and Donald Trump praised the political assassination of Reinoehl, labeling him a dangerous member of ‘ANTIFA.’

  • In working-class neighborhoods in Toronto, tenants continue to mobilize and resist eviction attempts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow Parkdale Organize and other accounts online for more updates.

  • And finally, tree-sitters at the Yellow Finch tree-sit fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline continue their resistance despite a court injunction threatening them with massive fines. Follow the struggle at Appalachians Against Pipelines.

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